Launched: Galleries on

For many different reasons, not the least of which was cost, we decided to pull the plug on Pictage and relaunch our galleries on  If you are the event owner of one of our galleries on Pictage, let us know if you need us to repost the gallery and we’ll get it up.

This move will give us greater flexibility in sharing the galleries without having to register each guest. It also allows for easy photo ordering, feedback, and embedded slideshows. Furthermore, it allows us to use as the launching point rather than some generic web address with an unidentifiable event number.

We know that this move will only make your experience with McKenna Photo and Video (aka McKenna Video Services, MVS Weddings, and Chris McKenna Photography) much better.




2 Responses to “Launched: Galleries on”

  1. ZAREMA Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. You are working hard to keep your customer experience the best. I love your facebook page.

  2. chrismckennaphotography Says:

    Thank you for commenting on our facebook page. I hope that you are a fan!

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